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Shenzhen Power Plus Electronics Co., Ltd

회사 세부 사항:

브랜드 : PowerPlus
종업 원수 실 : 1000~4000
연간 매출 : 5 million-10 million
설립 년도 : 1998
PC를 내보내기 : 80% - 90%


We, Powerplus Technology Co., is an ISO 9001 certified company specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion rechargeable battery and Charger with accredited by UL and CE. Over 5 years, Company has successfully established its quality brand "Powerplus” and notable for features in quality and durability of high energy density, rapid charge, excellent service life, super high temperature performance, low internal resistance, excellent discharge performance, reliability over a wide range of operating temperature, and good safety performance, wide range of capacities and sizes from 70 to 13000mAh.

With our fully owned and ISO certified factory, our customers can truly enjoy direct low manufacturing cost and be assured of production under internationally recognized quality control system. What's more, our 40, 000 square meter production plant in Shenzhen Canton PR. China is equipped with advance equipment, modern facilities and high caliber engineers to ensure our competitiveness always remains at highest.

Beyond the goods we are offering good service and honesty for a mutual business our customers trust for a long term business, and pride ourselves on having highly experienced and trained workforce to meet various requirements from you.

We believe our competitive pricing; flexibility, reliable quality and accurate delivery time have made us a favorable choice in the pacific region. We really hope to have fruitful co-operation with you to the mutual benefit in the very near future.